Standard Scaffold & Insulation - Scaffolding & Insulation Services - Edmonton, Alberta. Rental & Install

Our business is founded with purpose,

and principles, defining:  Why are we doing this?

We are in business to make all our stakeholders successful.  

That includes Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Community and Shareholders.


We know How  to make our Stakeholders

more successful than they have ever been,

by delivering 3  Best In Class Differentiators:


⇒Best Tools and Materials

Instant UpRight and other Engineered & Efficient Scaffold Systems

Strategic  Alliances

Top quality Workforce Gear, PPE and Equipment

⇒Best Planning and Project Information

Construction Lifecycle Management 

270+ Years in Leadership & Operations Experience

Transparency and KPI-Measured Accountability

⇒Best Workforce Productivity

Non-Affiliated Highly Motivated Workforce

Incentivised KPI-based Productivity

Under 4% Absenteeism

Loyal & Lives our Values

Merit-based Recognition and Promotion

Competency & Development Programs

SAIA Accredited Training Institute


Our Specialties Are:


Insulation – Management, Labour, Supply

Hot/ Cold Piping; Hot/ Cold Equipment (vessels, boilers, tanks); Acoustic Insulation; HVAC/ Duct Insulation; Tracer Wrap; Utilidor; Removable Soft Covers;  Steam/Glycol Tracing; Inspection Ports

Scaffolding – Management, Labour, Supply

Temporary Buildings; Structures; Hoarding

Site Services

Maintenance & Shutdown/ Turnaround Support

Fireproofing and Coatings Repair



Scaffolding – Management, Labour, Supply

Access; Facades; Shoring; and more…

Shrink Wrap & Hoarding

Site Services