Standard Scaffold & Insulation - Scaffolding & Insulation Services - Edmonton, Alberta. Rental & Install

Raising The Standard


We are in this business to make all our stakeholders successful.  

That includes Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Community and Shareholders.

We do this because we learned early on that each and every person we touch needs to benefit from the interaction.

Through experience we discovered the 3 keys to exceptional performance – Best In Class:

  • Tools and Materials

  • Planning and Project Management

  • Employee Development and Retention


Our Specialties Are:



Industrial Insulation

Scaffolding – Management, Labour, Supply

Temporary Buildings, Structures and Hoarding

Instant Upright

Site Support Services

Maintenance & Shutdown/ Turnaround Support

Fireproofing and Coatings Repair



Scaffolding – Management, Labour, Supply

Access; Facades; Shoring; and more…

Shrink Wrap & Hoarding

Instant Upright

Site Support Services