scaffolding results through people, edmonton, ab

Raising The Standard

The Safest Decision Is To Hire The Right People

About Us

Standard Scaffold & Insulation Services Incorporated was founded in 2009 as a Scaffold services company that grows people, applies innovation, delivers continuous improvement and transparent project excellence with a non-affiliated labour force. 

We know what we are really working on is building Trust, people and community.

We have demonstrated the nimbleness and strategic agility of a (local) company while performing like a large firm – earning industry recognition such as Alberta Construction Magazine 2016 Top Projects Finalist and expanding our business.

We continue to grow people and our business and now offer Industrial Insulation, Fireproofing and Coatings Repair, and Site Support Services.

These new services are delivered with the same tremendous industry leading productivity and value our customers have come to expect from us.


We are the most trusted and respected construction and maintenance services provider.  We will continuously grow because we make all our stakeholders successful.


We are Raising the Standard of success for our Stakeholders, by providing Best in Class:  Tools and Materials; Planning and Project Information; Workforce Productivity.


Trust         We build Trust – Together we all succeed. Business is personal, for things to go well strong trust is essential.

Results     Results speak for themselves – we ensure the beneficial or tangible effects of our commitments.

Innovate   We all Innovate on a Daily basis – find new ways of doing and new tools and solutions for our stakeholders.

Best          Be our Best – that which is the most excellent, outstanding, or desirable – and relentlessly improve.

Enjoy        Take pleasure in the tasks, challenges, and the goals.