Best Workforce Productivity

Raising The Standard

Investment into Excellence, Efficiency + Innovation = Value Added

When Standard Scaffold & Insulation are called to the start of a project, or just as often to rescue a project schedule, we have found that on many major projects, scaffold labour is as high as 24% to 30% of the DFL workforce.

The impact shows on your bottom line: Our scaffold labour (as a percentage of DFL or man-hours worked) comes in under 18% on our major industrial projects.

Standard’s people understand the importance of productivity, and are dedicated to improvement at every opportunity.

Our people are given ample training and support, the most advanced equipment systems and the autonomy to execute the work; and they are rewarded for excellence in performance.


Cost Effective Value Executiuon:

  • Use of an Non-Affiliated workforce = Performance based pay
  • KPI’s / Unit Rate: ALL Stakeholders are Aligned to Success Performance
  • Placing safety and productivity emphasis on management and field
  • Provide an efficient process to support the field crews
  • Accountability through use of a scaffold requisition program
  • Effective planning by engaging all end users prior to erecting/ dismantling the scaffolds
  • Cost assurance model by means of unit rate “pay for what is completed”
  • Loyal Workforce that Lives our Values
  • Merit-based Recognition and Promotion
  • Competency & Development Programs
  • SAIA Accredited Training Institute

Transparent Assurance – 4-KPI Performance Productivity Benefit

Safety  No safety infractions for each member of the team from FM to Apprentice.

Compliance  Zero infractions:  Workplace Respect, D & A, Site rules, SSI rules and industry best practices.

Productivity  Must meet measured matrix:  by crew and FM on either a weight per hour or measured installed units bases for scaffold and insulation.

Attendance  Predetermined absenteeism and late program set as bench mark to be maintained. Goal to provide under 4% absent/ late per shift.

Our People Are:

  • Given the right training, equipment, and support for the job
  • Rewarded for innovation
  • Given the autonomy to execute the work
  • Rewarded for Safety, Productivity, Compliance and Attendance