Every New Day is a Chance to Change Your Life

Independence is something we all strive for, but life rarely turns out as planned. This inspires us to provide opportunities to those that are ready to make a difference.

Every quarter, since 2010, we train students in a pre-apprenticeship 9-day course so they can enter first-year scaffolder-apprenticeship. This involves a 12-week course at Blue Quills University, plus a two-week technical training component that allows successful students to arrive on-site ready to perform.








Blue Quills University is governed by a 7-member Board representing the following First Nations communities:

Beaver Lake, Cold Lake, Frog Lake, Whitefish Lake, Heart Lake, Kehewin, and Saddle Lake, plus one Elder from Saddle Lake First Nation.

These communities represent at least 18,836 people (source – Alberta Aboriginal Relations as of January 2013).  Located ~200 kilometers Northeast of Edmonton, Blue Quills University occupies 240 acres of designated Reserve land near St. Paul, Alberta.


The 2016 Graduates of Blue Quills Camp Life

Scaffold Training Blue Quills

The 2015 Graduates of Blue Quills Camp Life


The Camp Life Training Program includes lessons on academia, work safety and ethics, job essentials, and many applicable tickets to make sure students are well-prepared to enter the workforce.

Read more about Blue Quills Camp Life program here.