The Only Way To Do Great Work is to Love What You Do.


Our goal is to make you proud to be a part of our team and give you every opportunity to make your career the best it can be. The executive team at Standard believes in being there for
our employees, whether that’s on the job site or to support them through the difficulties life sometimes throws our way.

We believe you can teach skills, but not attitude.

Give us your best effort, and we’ll give you the best job you ever had.

At Standard, we pride ourselves on a corporate culture of caring and support. It carries through everything we do, in the office and on the jobsite. We take an active interest in the success and happiness of our people, and in turn our workforce is engaged, empowered, and productive.  

Every day we live a culture that emphasizes health and safety, personal and professional development, work/ life balance, ethics and family. Our people know that every day, they’re going to a respectful and safe place to work. We are very proud of our low turnover and under 4% absenteeism rate.


  • given the right training, equipment, and support for the job.
  • given the autonomy to execute the work
  • trusted to do the right thing
  • rewarded for loyalty & excellence
  • provided the opportunities to advance as far as they want to go!


  • health and wellness programs including an 800-square-foot gym facility and access to a personal trainer
  • our personal development budget: we will pay for courses that are applicable to your career
  • our practice of promoting from within; the first employee we ever hired is still with us!
  • our Values and Culture show through by the number of times you hear us say the powerful word “we” with each other.


If you can bring a team-oriented attitude and a drive for success to our operation, we would like to hear from you.