Welcome to your SSI Orientation

Please see the slide above, read about our safety culture and our values, then complete the questionnaire on the next page.
Full Name (First & Last)Trade (e.g. Scaffolder or Insulator)EmailPhone Number
1) What does HSE stand for?
2) SSI's guiding principles and commitment to safety can be found in:
3) SSI believes all incidents are preventable?
4) SSI's Corporate HSE Policy states that:
5) All employees have:
6) As an employee, your first step when refusing unsafe work is:
7) Who is responsible and accountable for following and promoting all HSE policies and prodectures?
8) SSI minimum PPE requirements are:
9) What is the hierarchy of hazard control?
10) Which of the following is NOT cause for immediate dismissal on SSI worksites?
11) Which of the following worksite events must be reported immediately? (May be more than one)
12) If I'm hurt at home, I should inform my supervisor:
13) FLHA's are to be completed:
14) How does SSI identify workers who are new to the industry?
15) It is the responsibility of Employees to:
16) Should you incur an injury while working, you should:
17) We can modify a scaffold that is not ours at any time:
18) Confined space hole watches can be used to fetch tools and pass material into the hole:
19) It is OK to show up at the job site under the influence of:
20) How do I exercise my safe worker responsibilities?
21) Smoking is permitted in:
22) Flagging must:
23) Drug and Alcohol testing is completed for:

Thank you for completing your
2016 SSI Orientation!

Please notify Human Resources that you are ready for work.