If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build a Door


At Standard Scaffold & Insulation Inc. (SSI) our purpose (our ‘Why’ we do any one thing) is:

To make all our Stakeholders Successful…which includes Community & our Indigenous neighbours.

SSI has invested in Indigenous Capacity Building partnerships since 2010.

Raising The Standard

Our Guiding Principles About Aboriginal Engagement:

  • Building capacity for Indigenous Peoples is part of our purpose.
  • Our partnerships and initiatives must have performance measures (KPI’s) that prove capacity of individuals and their Bands/ communities are increasing.
  • We select and invest with indigenous partnerships who are committed and invest in sustained capacity building.
  • We will make and measure these partnerships for a variety of socio-demographic and business criteria.
  • We expect what we do matters to our SSI customers and seek their involvement whenever possible.

One way of doing this is by providing opportunities to help Aboriginal job seekers to get a start in the workforce.   Our established relationships and projects include:

  • Delivering pre-apprenticeship 9-day scaffolder training course at Blue Quills University since 2010.
  • SSI are 49% owners of Fort McKay Industrial Services performing a Maintenance Contract for scaffold, insulation and general site services at Athabasca Oilsands Corp. since 2015.
  • Volunteering with agencies such as with Bent Arrow since 2014.
  • WBF/ Women Building Futures industry member since 2016.
  • Whitefish Lake First Nation/ Goodfish Lake Business Corp. contracted to dry clean SSI’s coveralls since Feb 2017.
  • Multiple other joint venture/ partnerships initiatives are being negotiated and explored since 2016.
  • SSI is a SAIA Accredited Training Institute.

Our aim is to ensure Aboriginal Albertan’s are assisted into jobs as part of a supportive team.