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Featured Projects

Rolling Scaffolding

Commonwealth Stadium

18 rolling scaffolds and various stationary scaffolds built to install the new LED banner system.

Client: Summit Swing Stage, Provincial Electrical, VueTronic, William Huff, ADMAX Media.

Scaffolding Facade Access

St. Josaphat Cathedral

This historical cathedral requires a full envelope scaffold for facade access and fall protection.

Client: Clark Builders

Scaffold Stairtower Access

Edmonton Tunneling Project

A 64' stairtower built inside the concrete shoring of the Mill Woods Flood Mitigation Project. It is tied into the concrete for stability by using drop-in anchors and eye-hooks.

Client: CRS-Dibco JV

Scaffolding Dancefloor

Grant MacEwan Swimming Pool

This university swimming pool needed a complete interior dancefloor to access the ceiling for modernization and repairs.

Client: Chandos

Our Specialties

Scaffolding Facade Access

Envelope Scaffolding

An envelope (or facade) scaffold will be built when multiple trades need access to the facade of a building. Our broad experience with high-rise scaffolding and hoarding, combined with our MonZon aluminum system, gives us an advantage in productivity, safety, and effective design.

Scaffolding Dancefloor

Dancefloor Scaffolding

A dancefloor scaffold will be built when trades need a large elevated platform to perform their work. Dancefloors can be stepped up or down to accommodate curvature of a wall or ceiling.

Scaffold Stairtower Access


A stairtower is the most common scaffolding you'll see, and is built when trades need access to new construction.

Scaffold Shoring


Shoring is built when a structure needs support for modifications of its structural components. We carry multiple types of aluminum and steel shoring, from 4' in length to 25'.

Scaffolding Vessel Tank


In Alberta, much of our tank fabrication is done in the wintertime. The vessels are often surrounded in scaffolding, and then hoarded for heat containment to allow the coatings to settle.

Rolling Scaffolding

Rolling Scaffolds

A rolling scaffold will be built when trades need a large elevated platform to perform their work, and the ground conditions allow for the scaffold to be mobile.

Scaffold Hoarding


Weather protection, heat and debris containment. We provide debris netting, ShrinkWrap, and FR hoarding.

Scaffolding Tube

Tube & Clamp

The most versatile way of building. When you have an area that needs access that doesn't allow for system scaffolds, tube & clamp will get you there.