The Commitment to Quality in All We Do.

Standard Scaffold & Insulation Inc. provides industrial installation services for mechanical insulation and metal cladding.

Our experienced team can assist with project planning, design, pricing and execution. It is our goal to help construct new and maintain existing facilities to operate at maximum efficiency, preventing unscheduled outages that result from defective inadequate insulation.

Standard Scaffold & Insulation has experience in SAGD operations, as well as proven expertise in plant and site maintenance. We have trained and highly experienced personnel to perform and supervise all projects.


  • Hot/ Cold Piping
  • Hot/ Cold Equipment:  Vessels, Boilers, Tanks
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • HVAC/ Duct Insulation
  • Tracer Wrap
  • Steam/ Glycol Tracing
  • Removable Soft Covers
  • Utilidor:  any size enclosure from valve to whole skid; pipe line/ pipe racks
  • Inspection port installations