Safety Doesn’t Happen by Accident.

At Standard Scaffold & Insulation our most valuable assets are our employees. As such, we have created a family oriented safety culture that puts people first. This is not only our differentiator, but our guiding principal and is reflected in our mandate of, “EVERY WORKER. EVERY SITE. EVERY DAY. HOME SAFE.”

Inherent to this culture is health, safety and well-being of our employees and success of our customers. All levels of the leadership team at SSI have committed to ensuring we achieve safe productivity each and every day. 


  • Providing any and all resources necessary to ensure delivery of the  best quality product in the safest manner
  • Setting company safety goals and targets
  • Developing voluntary Joint Health & Safety committees on site to ensure open and honest two-way communication.
  • Providing industry leading mentorship training
  • Reviewing, developing and following all policies and procedures
  • Promoting health and safety by completing site inspections, documentation audits, behavior based observations and attending or completing safety meetings. (Yes, even the Finance and BD teams are involved)
  • Ensuring any hazards, concerns, and suggestions are actioned in a timely manner and followed up with the affected parties.
  • Providing an in-house exercise facility to maintain the health of our employees.



To help achieve our target of zero injuries, we engage our employees in several different ways to elicit a sense of ownership within the company.


  • Setting annual personal and business safety goals.
  • Reporting all near misses, incidents, and injuries.
  • On-the-spot hazard identification and control.
  • Positive interventions with their co-workers, contractors, customers, and the public.
  • Safe work identification – identifying co-workers who go above and beyond to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Participating in tailgate/safety meetings, site inspections, vehicle/equipment inspections, and incident investigations where applicable.