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Celebrating 10 Years of Success, Growth & Change

Standard Scaffold has a history of creating great relationships, striving for innovation, and building trust. In fact, these are just a few values that have led us to this exciting milestone: 10 Years in Business!

Now that we’re here, we feel it’s important to take a look at where we started, where we are now, and where our hard work and innovation is going to take us as Standard Scaffold continues to grow and change.


Where We Started

When our founder, Jon Hokanson, was a scaffolder long before Standard Scaffold existed. He loved the work. It wasn’t complex, but it did require some brains, some brawn, and a lot of determination. As he grew into leadership positions, he also began to learn about how strong and trusting relationships with clients were vital for successful projects.

This led Jon to build Standard Scaffold. He worked out of the back of his truck for about 2 years. Physically building scaffolding for clients during the day and working on the business during night. The marketplace responded to the team's work ethic, approach to relationships and company began to grow.

Where We Are Now

Today, Standard Scaffold is a commercial and industrial scaffolding company that’s strong. We also have an 8-acre shop with access to a total of 240 loads (or 12 million lbs) of Peri-Up scaffolding equipment, all located at the heart of one of Edmonton’s busiest industrial centers.

We haven’t forgotten why we were successful. From the beginning, Standard Scaffold built trusted relationships with our customers. These relationships – in combination with our innovative thinking – allowed us to continue growing and expanding rapidly, including new forays into the industrial sector.

Our services have expanded beyond commercial rentals to include industrial installation, fireproofing, coatings repair, and site support services. That expansion fits with the principle Standard Scaffold was founded on: going truly above and beyond to serve our customers with the best equipment, services, and people.

What’s perhaps even more important is how we’ve built our brand on integrity, honesty, and hard work. Standard has grown to be a trusted leader in our industry. We’re known to provide our customers the highest quality and to give them the best value. All of that is thanks to the people who make up our company. Our team is made up of great people who go above and beyond with our customers, providing the highest possible value at all times. Your dedication to working and growing with Standard will keep our company strong for years to come, and we thank you all for your dedication to upholding our core values.


Where We’re Going

It’s never enough to stay stagnant. Jon knew this when he first opened Standard Scaffold, and we continue to live that out today. Our General Manager, Brian Fahner believes that:

“Clients require and deserve constant improvement from their service providers.  Innovation, transparency and accountability are the driving force that will continue to place Standard at the forefront of industrial services. We are always researching and testing the next system or product that will bring added value to our offerings. The SEEMS program for scaffold management brings live time AI assisted estimating and management of scaffold projects from estimating to execution. With the recent addition of the Geopolymer fireproof line of materials, Standard is taking the fireproofing industry to a new level of safe application, steel protection, and long-term elasticity not provided by legacy products. Standard will always strive to remain ahead through constant advancement.”

As Standard Scaffold moves forward we’re going to continue to innovate and remain true to our values. Overall, Standard Scaffold is committed to growing, adapting to, and leading new industry standards. We’re going to continue to give our customers what they need most and consistently build positive relationships with everyone we meet.

Scaffolding is so much more than it used to be, and the industry will continue to change. We’re prepared to change with the industry because our clients deserve the best. That’s why we’re already looking at how we can expand into the fireproofing business, next generation equipment, constantly improving estimating programs, and more. There are always ways for us to innovate, improve, and expand, and we’ll always be ready to enjoy the next challenge.

The values that drive our company today are the ones that fostered success in our early days. Thanks again to our incredible team of people who continue to carry out our values in everything they do. It’s because of you that Standard Scaffold is the company we know today.

We’d like to say congratulations to everyone who played a role in helping us reach our 10-year anniversary. Here’s to another decade filled with growth, learning, and success!