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Standard Scaffold is Thrilled to Welcome Dave Powers to the Team

Introducing Our New Insulation Division General Manager

Dave Powers has been working in the commercial and industrial trades since 1983. In that time, he’s tackled just about every role: from being a journeyman insulator, a site supervisor and superintendent, right up to multi-level project management and branch management positions. Now, he’s taking on the General Manager role for our Insulation Division, a position he’s more than equipped to excel at.

Why Dave Was Our Top Choice for This Position

When Standard Scaffold sources new leaders for our teams, we’re looking for people who are going to bring innovation and ingenuity to the table. The way things are done is not always the best way to do them. That’s why we’re so people-focused. Allowing people to be creative and use their expertise and best judgement is important. It makes sure we’re using the best possible processes, resources, and people.

Dave is someone we specifically wanted on our team, because we knew he could bring all this and more to the table. With expertise in fields and services we’re looking to expand into, plus an outgoing and positive attitude, he was exactly the person to fill this position.

Dave’s worked extensively in the oil and gas field, and he knows the value of staying prominent in this sector. He also thinks it’s important to broaden the company’s horizons to extend into industries such as agricultural production, where pulp mills and fertilization plants ensure stability even in rough times in the oilfield. Ongoing maintenance contracts are also ideal, Dave’s says, and Standard Scaffold is well-equipped to provide top notch repeat service.

In addition to being firmly rooted in insulation services, Dave has detailed experience with asbestos abatement services. We hope Dave will be able to help us add yet another valuable site service to Standard Scaffold’s growing list. As asbestos abatement and insulation often go hand-in-hand, this could also add major value for our clients, essentially allowing them to kill two birds with one stone when asbestos is a concern.

A People-Person at Heart

Not only will Dave be able to help us find ways to grow into new industries, companies, services, and processes, he’ll be helping maintain great connections with our clients.

Dave is itching to get on site with the clients to help our team perform at 100%. “I’ll be asking questions like ‘how can we do this even better?’ and then making a plan to put it in place,” Dave says. A strong people-person, working out problems, being a leader, and helping others comes naturally to him. Overall, that’s his greatest concern. From clients, to supervisors, to site workers, Dave knows the importance of taking care of the entire team – after all, they’re the ones getting the job done right!

Dave already loves the family-oriented culture at Standard Scaffold, from the way people interact with each other at work, to the focus placed on making sure people have the opportunity to excel in their personal lives. Dave’s family will appreciate it as well - he often enjoys camping with his family, which includes four children and three grandchildren. When he’s not spending time camping or at sports activities with his family, he’s travelling. Dave’s wife is from Belize, so the two make an effort to travel there once a year.

Adventures abroad aside, it’s the local aspect of Standard Scaffold that drew Dave in. “I really like that [Standard Scaffold] keeps it all local,” he says. “The talent is local, and the money stays in Canada.”

Dave is also excited to join a team that really follows up on their safety. “They just sent me a report yesterday, and it’s very impressive. And it’s always important to the clients on any job, so going in knowing [safety is] a priority here is great.”

We’re glad you think so, Dave. And from all of us at Standard Scaffold, welcome to the team!!