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AMECO’s Small Tools Program: The Solution for Any Project

AMECO provides “everything inside the gate” on your capital construction and maintenance projects. From heavy equipment rentals to a wide range of site services such as ice and water distribution, they have your needs covered. All AMECO service offerings have a common goal in mind – Helping you manage costs while increasing productivity. One example is with their small tools and consumables program, known as a Contract Tool Account (CTA). As part of the CTA program, AMECO provides fully stocked tool cribs strategically positioned close to craft work zones, reducing unproductive work time. In addition, each tool crib is managed by a knowledgeable tool room attendant to ensure the process runs smoothly.

No project can afford to overspend on tools. You need to know this portion of the project will stay on schedule and on budget. While many companies can provide you with tools, AMECO’s CTAs offer a highly flexible solution that provides cost-effective ways to rent and manage small tools, consumables, and supplies. AMECO’s CTAs reduce risk and uncertainty while guaranteeing you have the tools and supplies you need, when you need them.

The tool accounts have many benefits, but the most important may be the fixed cost pricing model. This allows you to know your true tool cost upfront, including staffing, administration, freight, mobilization, logistics, tracking and consumables. The fixed dollar per craft hour rate allows for better forecasting and labor cost predictability, is held throughout the life of the project, and eliminates backroom support overhead. The result: Less headaches and greater budget control.

With CTAs, AMECO also provides a proprietary software program, called STAR, to help eliminate unnecessary tool loss. On a typical construction project, the tool loss average is around 12%. AMECO's commitment to their customer is to reduce that loss to 0%, which is why they have a stake in the game. When AMECO is managing a customer’s tool program, they will absorb the first 5% of tool loss and actively work with your security team to put measures in place that eliminate exposure to loss. On top of our proven process, expertise, and strong supply chain, the STAR system provides peace of mind through its tool tracking capabilities and customizable reports. You know where your tools are and what is being used, helping avoid the unnecessary cost associated with tool replenishments.

Taking advantage of AMECO’s CTA program leaves the provision of craft tools and supplies to the industry experts. You can count on the right tools to be available when needed, thanks to routine inventory checks. You have the tools you need, when you need them, allowing your craft the ability to do what they are paid to do on your project. There is no grey area in what is being spent thanks to the dollar per craft hour rate. Like our other services, the AMECO CTA program creates a true partnership with your company, helping an important part of the project go off without a hitch. Reach out to learn more today at



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