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Launching a New Standard

Standard Scaffold is proud to announce the launch of a "New Standard". Today, we roll out our redefined brand, which has been designed to build on our strengths and recognize the core values that define us.

Reflecting on Our Growth

Over the last five years, Standard Scaffold has seen tremendous growth. We have become a recognized leader in our industry, celebrated successful projects across Western Alberta, and expanded our team and leadership initiatives.

Now, it's time for our branding to grow with the business. Reflecting on the last 9 years, we saw the opportunity to reposition the Standard Scaffold brand to better represent where we stand today, and where we intend to go in the future. This full rebrand of the business will carry us through the next 10 years or more, and set the standard for future growth and development.

Standard Scaffold Logo

Our original logo, created in 2009:

Our previous logo, created in 2014:

Our new logos, with a simple and clean design:

Standard Scaffold

Standard Industrial

Standard Insulation

The Standard Scaffold logo has been redesigned and simplified. The new design is approachable and easily recognizable. Keep an eye out for the new look on our fleet vehicles and at our head office in South Edmonton.


Standard Scaffold Website 

We've created a responsive website to showcase our unique products, services, and projects. This was a necessary step to ensure we are providing valuable information to clients and stakeholders, and sharing our values and successes. Our three primary services are highlighted on the website: scaffolding, insulation and fireproofing, and industrial site services. We've also highlighted core values such as safety and leadership, including examples of how we're applying those values on and off the clock.


Standard Scaffold Social Media

As a locally-owned business, we understand the importance of community. Building up our neighbours – both near and far – is a goal we strive for every day. Our social media posts and activity will reflect this commitment. We are always happy to share our stories, start a conversation, and get involved in the community. Follow us on Twitter and Linked In to join in the conversation and become part of our incredible community in Western Canada.

Standard Scaffold and Insulation Facebook

We'd like to thank our staff, management, clients, and community for their continued support. We sincerely hope you enjoy the new Standard Scaffold brand.


Please feel free to explore the website and social links and share your thoughts on the "New Standard".