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Standard Scaffold & AMECO Partnership Set to Raise the Standard

Standard Scaffold is pleased to announce our partnership with AMECO, a globally-recognized leader in construction site services and support.

This announcement comes on the heels of our successful collaboration with AMECO on several projects in 2017. The strategic partnership will have a positive impact for Standard Scaffold clients, team members, and management. Our relationship with AMECO has provided us with important tools for service delivery and project management. This includes new initiatives for cost-control, equipment and supply management, and project planning and estimating.

The mutual benefits of our collaboration with AMECO in 2017 have led to the pursuit of an official partnership. We will continue to promote our mutual development under a multi-year contract.


AMECO is a full-service, global supplier of construction equipment, tools, and scaffolding solutions across multiple industries. As leaders in the construction industry, AMECO brings over 70 years of experience, over 2,000 employees worldwide, and cutting-edge technology to this partnership. AMECO is well known for helping their clients and partners maintain high safety standards, precise cost planning and management, and on-schedule completion of projects.

Standard Scaffold is eager to work with AMECO on our upcoming projects. One of the key benefits of this partnership comes from AMECO’s ability to apply innovative technology to estimating, project management, and field operations. Their construction technology solutions help predict, manage, and control costs throughout projects. They offer practical applications ranging from scaffolding design to asset management.

Most importantly, AMECO will be a strong partner for the development of Standard Scaffold's site services. In addition to supplying innovative solutions like PERI, our premium industrial scaffolding system, AMECO will provide resources and tools for unparalleled quality in our site services. In turn, this will create value for our clients and team members. Combined with Standard Scaffold’s highly skilled workers and specialized management team, we will be better equipped to spearhead industry standards, while controlling project costs.

AMECO is also eager to see this partnership come to life on upcoming projects:

"With SSI's industry leading labor management  with regards to productivity, efficiency, and accountability; and AMECO's industry leading material management and design systems, we see this partnership as establishing the new 'standard' for industrial scaffolding execution.  Ultimately, it will offer direct and significant cost savings to our customers." - Greg Neely

The partnership between Standard Scaffold and AMECO is built on our aligned goals and core values. On the job, both companies maintain a strong focus on safety, growth, and results. We are driven by innovation and powered by people. Like Standard Scaffold, AMECO is a leadership and community-focused organization. Employees contribute to community initiatives within and beyond Western Canada, and are given opportunity for personal and professional development.

Please check back for updated information and details on this partnership and others in the coming weeks. For more information about AMECO’s expertise and services, you can visit their website at